Masterchef Australia Rocks.

For weeks I’ve been totally addicted to watching the newest Masterchef Australia series on Youtube, which has been made possible  thanks to the fantastic uploader addictedchef.  I love reality shows and any including my loves of food and cooking are my absolute favourite.

Season 3 has been phenomenal, with lots of ups and downs  and twists and turns. Some of my favourite cooks have already gone, and some of the weaker contestants seem to have coasted through off the back of immunity pins earnt by sheer fluke rather than raw cooking talent. Nonetheless I keep watching and now there are only 5 contestants left whittled down from the original 24.

Compared to the UK version, Masterchef Australia is much more interesting and dramatic and has featured a vast array of world renowned chefs, unusual team challenges and weird and wonderful locations to give it some spark and pizazz.  To be honest I’m not sure season 4 will be able to compete but I look forward to seeing their efforts next year.

I feel I’ve really grown to know the characters  and as the finale approaches I’m somewhat saddened that it’s all coming to an end. My favourite cooks are Alana, Kate and Michael and I really hope 2  my top 3 make it into the finals.

Smooches x


July 21, 2011. Tags: , . Random.

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